Photo Sessions

The prepaid session fee of $195 reserves the photographer’s time and is non refundable. The photographer takes approximately 300-400 images in a variety of poses and outfit changes.

The prepaid session fee of $195 reserves the photographer’s time and is non refundable. Please contact the studio regarding quotes for groups or location portraits (i.e. waterfront, home, beach).
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Reserve now since the summer months and weekends book up quickly.
The studio will reschedule your session for the next available date.
Approximately 300-400 photographs
Yes. Please make arrangements with the studio ahead of time.

About a week after your portrait session you will see over 300 images projected in our screening room to select your favorite poses which takes about an hour. About 2 weeks later you will view your favorite retouched poses in our screening room at which time you will place your order.

The studio will remove blemishes, stray hair and whiten teeth at no charge. Retouching of braces, glasses and clothing is additional if requested.
Family packages start at $299 with a variety of 8x10s & 5x7s. The studio will be happy to give you a quote if you have a particular number of portraits you wish to purchase.

$159 for SENIOR PORTRAIT CD which includes 8 retouched poses for web use. A minimum package purchase of $449 required.


  • 1  8×10 Portrait
  • 4  5×7 Portraits
  • 16  Wallets
  • Yearbook Photo
  • 2 poses… $299
  • 2  8×10 Portraits
  • 4  5×7 Portraits
  • 4  4×5 Portraits
  • 24 Wallets
  • Yearbook Photo
  • 3 poses… $399
  • 3  8×10 Portraits
  • 6  5×7 Portraits
  • 4  4×5 Portraits
  • 24 Wallets
  • Yearbook Photo
  • 3 Poses… $449
  • 1  11×14 Portrait
  • 2  8×10 Portraits
  • 6  5×7 Portraits
  • 4  4×5 Portraits
  • 40 Wallets
  • Yearbook Photo
  • 4 Poses… $549

ADD EXTRA POSES TO ANY PACKAGE. Poses are retouched images you’ve selected from the 300-400 photos taken by the photographer.


Clothing Tips

Girls should have lip gloss, mascara, hair brush and 6-8 tops. Please vary your styles with off the shoulder, polo, tank tops, button down or three quarter length sleeves. Jeans, light and dark, along with capris look great. Tops with spaghetti straps should be avoided if tan lines are an issue.
Guys should bring 6-8 tops such as T- shirts, polo, crew neck, button down or sweaters. Jeans, light and dark, along with tan or colored shorts look great. Letter jackets look best with a white T-shirt. Guys should shave prior to their appointment when appropriate.
Primary colors such as black, charcoal, royal blue, navy, burgundy, red, forest green, mustard, tan, pink, purple and white photograph best. Plaid and strip shirts look great.

Very light pastel and neon colors. T-shirts with oversized logos covering the front of the shirt should be avoided.

Flip flops, sandals or deck shoes look great with waterfront locations.
Glasses that are transitional or non glare free should have the lenses removed from your frames prior to the photo shoot. Removal of glass glare or tinting that blocks the subject’s eyes will incur additional retouching. Please consult your photographer if you have any concerns.
Your photographer will take a variety of pictures of you smiling and not smiling in order to give you a great selection to choose from. The removal of braces is $45 per pose if requested but not always necessary.
No acne will show since the photographer will retouch your portraits.

Try a new hairstyle a few days prior to your appointment to see if you really like it.

Tanning is fine but not necessary, and as a reminder, tan lines will show unless you tan evenly.
Your photographer is an expert at posing, lighting and retouching that will compliment your figure. Clothing selection plays a key role in how you photograph. Please consult your photographer if you have any concerns.

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